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Lost, imi pare rau ca n-am vazut topicul asta mai devreme. Am dat peste asta la un moment dat pe net:
Fungus Rx--A big thank you to Happygirl1 for sharing her info! a) In
> the winter, I need to wear black socks to work with my loafers or
> shoes, so I made sure to find black socks that were 100% cotton and
> specifically designed to keep feet as dry as possible, because most
> 'stockings' have nylon, which allows moisture to gather and fungus to
> thrive. It was hard to wear thick cotton socks, but I *had* to get rid
> of this problem!
> (b) I would take my shoes off at work/when at my cube, so my feet
> wouldn't get sweaty or be tightly enclosed in a shoe all day long.
> (c) During this time, I applied Spectazole 1% (generic works fine,
> too) with a Q-tip(prescribed by doctor for feet fungus), all over the
> infected toenail. The cuticle, the surface area, and as much as I
> could on the outer edge that would seep under the nail. I did this
> morning and night, without missing even one dose. I made sure to
> discard the Q-tip and use a new one if I needed some more (so that the
> tube of medicine would not be contaminted with any fungus).
> (d) When I would get home from work, I would immediately remove my
> socks, rinse my feet with cold water, allow to dry, and then apply
> regular vinegar with a Q-tip to my toenail. All over it, just like I
> would the cream.
> (e) When the weather got warmer, I got to wear sandals, which really
> helped clear it up even faster. I would take my breaks outside and
> made sure to sit in the sun so that my feet would get sunlight (which
> kills fungus).
> (f) I made sure to use a completely separate toenail clipper for my
> infected one, to make sure it didn't spread to my healthy toenails. I
> would clean the clippers in both vinegar and alcohol.
> (g) After clipping toenails, I would use separate Q-tips dipped in
> vinegar to rub on each toenail (even the good ones), to make certain
> nothing spread.
> (h) After clipping toenails (which I used gloves for), I would still
> use a bit of vinegar to rinse my hands with, just in case anything may
> have gotten on my hands or fingernails.
> Now, my toenail is *almost* completely healthy, as it has grown out
> nicely and the color is normal. :) It still has room to get even
> better, so I am continuing what I've been doing, and will even use the
> prescription for another 6 months, or even longer.
> It was VERY difficult to get rid of it, as I had it for over 4 years,
> and it was due to an unhygenic nail salon. I NEVER EVER will go to one
> again, even if it's the cleanest one in the world.
> My toenail fugnus was not as bad as pictures show some toenail fungus
> to be, but mine was thick and yellow in color, and very brittle.. to
> the point where it broke off or lifted off the nailbed a few times.
> That was actually good, as when that happened, it was easier to treat
> it. But, most people couldn't tell what it was unless they looked very
> closely. So, don't let it get out of hand, because it will only become
> more difficult to treat.
> Persistence pays off!

Multumesc f util ce scrie acolo Iepu  :flori:

tinctura de propolis face minuni si in cazul asta si nu numai,  cred ca o voi numi produsul miracol :)


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