OPI Infinite Shine: “No Stopping Me Now” Review


OPI Infinite Shine: No Stopping Me Now – Day by Day Review

EN: This new nailpolish system by OPI is certainly not perfect or miraculous but it is by far the best nail polish I’ve tried until now and I am very pleasantly surprised by it. A regular nail polish (including other ones by OPI) lasts for about 2 days on my nails before it becomes all chipped and I have to take it off. With OPI Infinite Shine I have managed to keep it on for 8 days so that is more than double the wear time. After day 3 the wear on the tips is visible but I strongly suspect that if you coat the tips better from the get-go the results could be significantly improved. But I am not an expert in applying nail polish and this one by OPI dries off super fast so you need to know what you’re doing.

RO: Noul lac de unghii OPI Infinite Shine nu este perfect sau miraculos dar este de departe cea mai buna oja pe care am testat-o pana in prezent. Un lac de unghii normal (inclusiv alte oje de la OPI) nu persista mai mult de 2 zile pe unghiile mele, dar cu Infinite Shine am reusit sa tin lacul pe unghii 8 zile. Dupa 3 zile era deja vizibila putina uzura la varfurile unghiilor, dar daca as fi fost mai atenta la aplicarea initiala sa imbrac bine si varfurile cu oja, probabil si rezultatele ar fi fost mai bune.

EN: One thing you need to know is that fact that this is a 3 Step System. It includes: base, color and top coat. However, I firmly believe that the whole secret to its outstanding and lasting shine lies in the top coat and the base is just like any other OPI base, so I just bought the color and the top coat. The colored nail polish is also important due to it’s consistency. It is a thin, strongly pigmented and quick dry polish so you need to be very quick if you want to apply it evenly.
The color I chose is called “OPI No Stopping me now” and it’s a beautiful intense orange color. I will definitely get some more shades and the one I have my eyes on next is called “To Infinity & Blue-yond”, a beautiful baby blue color that should be perfect for summer.

RO: Chiar daca acest nou sistem de la OPI are practic 3 pasi: baza, culoare si top coat, eu consider ca baza este similara cu altele de la OPI asa ca am achizitionat doar culoarea si top coat-ul si sunt convinsa ca in acest top coat sta tot secretul luciului si rezistentei indelungate. Lacul colorat este important si el datorita consistentei. Este un lac subtire, puternic pigmentat si care se usuca extrem de rapid.
Culoarea pe care am ales-o se numeste “No Stopping me now” si este un portocaliu frumos si intens, dar am in plan sa mai achizitionez si alte culori, in special “To Infinity & Blue-yond”, un albastru deschis perfect pentru sezonul estival.


OPI Infinite Shine Test Results:

EN: OPI Infinite Shine is a great alternative to gel nails, with the same intense shine, strongly pigmented colors and decent wear time, significantly better than any other nail polishes I’ve tried thus far. My nails are always under some kind of stress: typing frenetically on the keyboard, washing dishes without gloves and also biting my nails from time to time, so if you don’t do any of these it should probably last even longer. It is easily removed with your regular nail polish remover and it does not affect the nails in any way.
It is kind of hard to apply evenly because it dries so fast and you have to be extra careful when painting the tip of the nail because if you don’t coat it with color properly the wear is visible in about 2-3 days. It does not last 10 days without visible wear like they say in the commercial but the shine really does not fade at all until you take them off.
I am definitely sold on this nail polish and I consider it a good investment.

RO: OPI Infinite Shine este o alternativa excelenta la unghiile cu gel pentru ca obtii acelasi luciu intens, culori puternic pigmentate si timp de purtare decent fara sa iti agresezi unghiile in vreun fel. Se indeparteaza simplu cu acetona, ca orice alt lac de unghii. Nu dureaza chiar 10 zile fara semne vizibile de deteriorare ca in reclama, dar eu sunt si genul de persoana care nu are deloc grija de unghii: bat frenetic in tastatura non stop, spal vase fara manusi, imi rod ocazional unghiile, etc. Comparativ cu alte lacuri de unghii, pe acesta il pot purta cel putin de doua ori mai mult. De mentionat este si faptul ca luciul se mentine neschimbat pe toata durata purtarii lacului de unghii.
In concluzie, pe mine OPI Infinite Shine m-a castigat de client fidel si consider ca am facut o investitie foarte buna.
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